TI in America – Cross Country Walk

I am walking across the United States to raise awareness for a distressed group called “Targeted Individuals.”

My name is David Voigts.  I’m a former naval officer and graduate of the United States Naval Academy.  I have a degree in Control Systems Engineering and served in Electronics Warfare and Nuclear billets.  While in the service I became aware of ongoing non-consensual human experimentation.  The program is studying human-machine interface.  The technology and suppressive tactics may seem like science fiction, but they are quite real.  There are many reputable primary source books, interviews, and videos discussing this topic, and I will show where to find those resources below.

With a good explanation, the pertinent details can be explained in few hours.  At that point, the subject sometimes invokes apprehension and fear.  I am attempting to remove that fear by creating a human interest story that will help share the Targeted Individuals’ experience.  This spring I plan to walk across America to raise public awareness for the victims:  Targeted Individuals (T.I.s).  I expect the walk to take 7-8 months, and I will need 1 month of post-walk follow-up work with media and contributors.

Financial priorities are ordered as follows:

1)      Funding the outreach walk:  I’ve read up on these types of campaigns and I expect that just the American Discovery Trail portion will require about $5000.  (A continuation eastward on Old Route 66 may require more.)

2)      Maintaining my personal financial obligations:  During 7+ months of walking I will have continued personal financial obligations.  I won’t have an income other that what I can raise through this Targeted Individual awareness campaign.  Initially, when I learned of this illegal human testing, I attempted to get myself into the program so that I could help shut it down.  I was successful, and I have learned much about how the program works.  However, as a result of my involvement in bringing this issue to light, I lost my job.  Additionally, in 2015 I depleted most of my financial resources in advertising and direct mail awareness campaigns.  I think I spent about $15,000 in paper materials and postage alone.  I’m a couple of months behind in my mortgage payments, I’ve lost my health insurance, and I’ve racked up some credit card debt trying to alert the public.  Once one reviews the materiel however, I believe that one will understand the value and absolute need for this effort.  This has to happen.  These people really need our help, and they will be extremely grateful for our assistance.  Financially speaking, this awareness campaign is sort of my last best effort to raise awareness for this important social issue.

3)      Rewards for contributors:  There will be some sort of tiered reward system for contributors, repeat contributors and strong advocates for this campaign.  Additionally, I will try to create value for supporters through several lines of effort.  Specifically I will:

a)      I may run a concurrent and separate GoFundMe campaign for the Humane Society.  I plan to split that money among the Human Society’s general fund, the Oconee & Pickens County South Carolina branches and maybe a nearby branch in Georgia or North Carolina.  My dog will be coming along for the trip.  I got him at the local Humane Society and he has been a big help in dealing with the challenges of being a Targeted Individual.  I will create a separate Facebook fan page and GoFundMe site that will allow those that might not be interested in TI advocacy, but who are interested in animals to at least view some of the materiel and follow the trip.  I will post regularly with photos of the dog as we make our way across the country.  I will solicit caption ideas, and maybe do some funny or thoughtful writing from the dog’s perspective.

b)      I may run a concurrent and separate GoFundMe campaign for some high school classmates.  Recently, a group of gals from my high school took a trip to, I think, Las Vegas.  They all live in different parts of North America and one of them was not able to meet in Nevada.  So, another one of the women had the idea to print a cutout of her friend, paste it to a stick and stage some candid, situational pictures of their missing friend on the trip.  I thought that was a great idea, and I have asked to continue with the concept.  I’ve ordered a ping pong paddle with that same friend’s picture on it.  I plan to create similar quirky, situational pictures as I make my way across the United States.  I will create a Facebook fan page and GoFundMe site that will allow people to follow the progress and donate to a vacation fund so that the group of friends could all meet up.  The hope is that the effort will help direct some reciprocal traffic to the TI subject.  (If you’ve seen the movie “Castaway” with Tom Hanks, the paddle will function as a sort of “Wilson.”  As I’m talking with people about that group of friends GoFundMe page, the discussion might segue into the Targeting topic.)

c)      I may run a concurrent and separate GoFundMe campaign for the American Discovery Trail (and possibly Old Route 66).  I will attempt to capture many of the turn-by-turn directions of the trail with a 360 degree camera.  Google maps has a function that allows upload of the turn locations.  This effort will help future ADT hikers to find their way.  It will also raise awareness, stewardship, and funding for the ADT (and later, maybe Old Route 66).  This effort may attract people who are interested in camping, hiking, or physical fitness, and give them exposure to the Targeting topic.  Additionally, I will be walking with an electronic billboard on my back, and I will gather photos with the billboard at various locations.  Hopefully those pictures will generate interest in the American Discovery Trail, Old Route 66, and the Targeted Individuals.

4)      Fund future outreach:  Once the walk is complete, I hope to have a network of folks who are knowledgeable on the T.I. topic.  I would like to continue advocating for the T.I. community through speaking, writing, advertising, and T.I. meet ups.

5)      Fund other T.I. groups and specific T.I. causes:  There are many T.I. groups.  They have all the expenses required for a small organization.  I don’t think any of them have paid staff, and whatever outreach is accomplished comes from nominal membership dues and volunteer assistance.  I would like to get a few of these organizations some basic help.

Background on Targeted Individuals:

The United States has a long history of non-consensual human experimentation.  The Tuskegee experiments, the Willowbrook experiments on children with developmental disabilities, the atomic radiation experiments on people, and the testing of LSD on unsuspecting victims during the MKULTRA program all involved non-consensual illegal human experimentation.  For a historical treatment and primer of non-consensual human experimentation, I recommend the book Against Their Will:  The Secret History of Medical Experimentation on Children in Cold War America by Allen M. Hornblum, Judith L. Newman, and Gregory J. Dober.

Project MKULTRA was a CIA program that researched ways to manipulate mental states and alter brain functions.  The program used many illegal methods including sleep deprivation, surreptitious administration of drugs, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse as well as torture.  This MKULTRA project was a forerunner to the current program affecting T.I.’s.  The MKULTRA program stretched from the early fifties to the early seventies.  With a panic over the Watergate scandal, the CIA director Richard Helms ordered all MKULTRA documents destroyed in 1973.  The program was revealed in the 1975 Church & Pike Committee hearings and in the Rockefeller Commission during the same year.  A later Freedom of Information Act request led to the discovery of financial documents.  Those revelations were discussed in the 1977 Joint Hearing before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research chaired by Senator Daniel Inouye.  The final reports can be found online:

1)      Senator Frank Church Committee Final Report

2)      1977 Joint Senate Hearing on MKUTRA

3)      Vice President Rockefeller’s Commission’s Final Report

4)      The 1977 Joint Hearing is available in reprint through the University of Michigan on Amazon’s website.

There is a former CIA engineer who worked on some elements of the current project.  His name is Dr. Robert Duncan.  He holds many degrees from both Harvard and Dartmouth.  His book Project: Soul Catcher, Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed discusses the technology being tested.  Dr. Robert Duncan’s How to Tame a Demon discusses how organized intimidation stalking, electronic torture, and mind control techniques are used on T.I.’s.  Here are links to his television appearance and books:

1)       Jesse Ventura’s Interview With Dr. Robert Duncan

2)      Project: Soul Catcher – Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed

3)      How To Tame A Demon: A short practical guide to organized intimidation stalking, electronic torture, and mind control

A San Antonio based doctor has also spoken extensively on behalf of the victims.  His name is Dr. John Hall.  His two books are great resources for the topic:

1)      Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control

2)      A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America

I also recommend the book The CIA Doctors:  Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists by Dr. Colin Ross.  Dr. Ross has researched, written, and spoken extensively on the topics the MKULTRA project was researching.  His book can be found here:  The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists

Novelist Gloria Naylor has published a semi-fictionalized account of the Targeting process.  Her book “1996” helps describe how the Targeting process works.  1996 by Gloria Naylor

University of Pennsylvania professor Jonathan D. Moreno has a book that speculates on military applications of human machine interface in his book Mind Wars:  Brain Science and the Military in the 21st Century.  Mind Wars: Brain Science and the Military in the 21st Century

There are many more resources for this topic.  I have posted them publicly on my Facebook page.  Again, I want to reiterate just how grateful the Targeted Individuals would be for your support.  We’re a marginalized and distressed sort of group.  Our issue does come up in the news from time to time, but it is usually downplayed.  We really appreciate your research and support.  Thank you!


3 thoughts on “TI in America – Cross Country Walk

  1. “Gang Stalking”, aka Organized stalking and electronic harassment, is very real. The cover up is the blanket accusation of delusions across the board. The media shows a striking lack of interest in truly investing cases of alleged “gang stalking”.

    The reality is that these methods are used to suppress dissent, to silence, discredit and intimidate whistleblowers and dissidents,and basically to terrorize anyone who has annoyed or alarmed any “connected” insider.

    I spoke out against corruption in the Burlington County (NJ) family court system and have subsequently endured a seven year (so far) campaign of neutralization and disruption involving blacklisting, workplace and community based harassment, overt surveillance, secret notifications to those around me coupled with gag orders, IRS audits, career and financial sabotage, use of exotic non-lethal weaponry, political abuse of the mental health system, and more.

    I also served as a board member for an organization which was created to support and assist people who are targeted with this program and I have as a result spoken with hundreds of targeted individuals. Many have advanced degrees and have been highly successful. Most have very similar stories. Many are quite credible.

    This illegal program can be used to suppress, discredit, and/or destroy just about anyone who is deemed an annoyance or a threat or otherwise undesirable. Some of this is probably being done for research purposes. However, at this point, the techniques and weaponry are so advanced that it seems to be used primarily for political neutralization and manipulation of individuals and, perhaps, eventually society.

    –Daniel Lebowitz MD

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  2. Hi, David,
    Im a TI from Germany.
    I read about you in Germany. And I say thank you what you doing for us TIs.
    My friends reading about you. I hope there English is good enogh to understand you.
    I wish you :
    All the best!
    You are a great and brave men!


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